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Hridwar-Rishikesh In Times Of Corona Virus

Hridwar-Rishikesh In Times Of Corona Virus

  • by admin
  • by 23-Mar-2020

                  Haridwar-Rishikesh in times of Corona Virus 

I had booked the trip to Haridwar-Rishikesh a month back. Now with the Corona virus making headlines across the world, I had to decide if I wanted to make the trip or stay put. Since the number of cases was still low and the government had not yet issued an advisory, I decided to proceed as per plan. I have great faith in God. I surrendered myself to Him and left Mumbai.
My flight landed in New Delhi at 8 am that day, and the cab that I had booked from Delhi Airport  took me to Haridwar where I was to spend the day.
As soon as I got a cab from Delhi Airport straight way I went to Chidambaram Restra at Lodi Colony Delhi. This is my favourite restra for South Indian Food. I had yummy breakfast there and left for Haridwar.
 It was 2 pm when I reached Hotel Vinayak, Haridwar , which is 2 km from Haridwar  railway station and 3 km from the ghat where the Ganga aarti is held. Hotel Vinayak is clean, spacious and conveniently located. 
The staff is friendly and helpful too. I took a bath, freshened up and had lunch, which was delicious. After a short nap, I was ready to leave for the Ganga aarti. It was 4.30 when I stepped out and a short drive in an electric rickshaw followed. It was a beautiful sight. No person has been found positive for the Corona Virus so far and therefore the epidemic was on nobody's mind. 

All the people assembled there had the love for Mother Ganga on their minds. After exploring some temples, streets and sampling the busy life on the street, we joined the crowd of over a thousand people on the ghat of the Ganga for the"_Read More_"