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Best Places To Visit In China

Best Places To Visit In China

  • by Admin
  • by 27-Dec-2019

China is a god of Innovations and Inventions but it’s hidden with many ravishing destinations. Your holidays must be unforgattable so Global Tour and Services provides you inspiring delight vacation in China. This country is famous for it’s marvellous structure, pandas, best local food and shopping best local handcrafts. It’s the world's most populated country but still finest place to spend your holidays From sacred temples to imperial palaces, from architectural marvels to stunning traditional buildings, from glorious mountains to enthusiastic waterfalls, there’s so much to do and see on a China tour.

Forbidden City

Forbidden City also known as Palace Museum, which is located in the heart of Beijing, the capital of China constructed in 1420 escalated in area of 180 acres complex of buildings, courtyards, plazas and intricate walls which display the soul and culmination of traditional Chinese architecture which involve Axial Symmetry, Supreme Carpentry, Imperial Colors, Roof Decorations and Stone/Bronze Lions. Forbidden City gives a great view of imperial living and governing quarters, valuable artworks, and traditional gardens.


Terracotta Army

The Terracotta Warriors in Xi'an are so astonishing, seeing an strong frozen army of 8000  in time for the past 2000 years constructed in 246–206 BC. The Terracotta Army which consisted of warriors, generals and horsemen was constructed to accompany the tomb of Qin Shihuang - China's First Emperor. The Terracotta Army Museum also has exhibition room of ancient weapons and bronze chariot.


Great Wall Of China

It is one of the greatest monument of 7 wonders of the world which was built 2000 years ago which is 6000 km long and it’s height is 5-8 meters. This defensive architecture consist of Walls, Watchtowers and Fortresses, it is the project with the longest duration and greatest cost, built to to prevent invasion and to protect Silk Road trade. Great Wall of China - the only monument in the world that is visible from space!


Temple of Heaven

It is One of the most sacred and respected religious place in China, constructed 600 years ago in Beijing where the emperors of the centuries (the Ming and Qing dynasties) used to worship God and pray for good harvest. It is said that this is the first temple of China and a great masterpiece of architecture and landscape design because of it’s Circular Mound Altar.


The Bund, Shanghai

The Bund Waterfront is one of the most symbolic and popular tourist place to visit in China. The colonial building, skyscraper views and alluring waterfront of the Huangpu river has become the identity of modern Shanghai. One can enjoy a serene view of the river and the city skyline enjoy photography, seeing the night sceneryand can take a cruise.



This place draws tourists attention because of its ancient Chinese gardens  and some old "water towns" that are towns with canals. It is said that Suzhou's classical gardens have an international reputation and it is listed as a World Heritage Site. Some classic gardens date from the Ming and Qing dynasties (1500–1900). People who love culture and garden will fall in love with this city. Suzhou is also famous for it’s food specially seafood but the food is not spicy, but quite elegant.


West Lake, Hangzhou

West Lake is a symbolic sight in Hangzhou and it is regarded as one of the most beautiful place in China. Its beauty is described in many poems and paintings, it is considered as a best place for romance. The construction and maintenance of West Lake is so well that Its beauty reflects an blissful combination between humanity and nature.